The surprises with the Volex brand include delicacies from fattened liver. Each of these products will take you through an unforgettable experience and will leave you with a feeling of supreme culinary delight in the realm of delicious masterpieces.


Volex’s activities have always been focused on creating products of the highest class, without compromising on taste, quality, and style.


The company always strives to invest in the construction of new high-quality products, in the professional development of the staff, as well as in building and maintaining lasting trade relations with its partners. Volex is constantly striving to achieve faster sales and distribution, to meet the needs of each of our customers, thus leaving a personal mark and a sense of luxurious lifestyle!


The Volex production cycle is “closed” (from the egg to the final product) and begins with the hatching of the young chickens in their French incubators and hatcheries. Breeding and fattening are carried out in the company’s production facility, which features modern facilities for automatic feeding, watering, temperature regulation, ventilation, air conditioning, and video control, built on an area of ​​over 60,000 square metres. The annual production of the closed cycle amounts to 800,000 to 1,000,000 fattened ducks.


Throughout the technological process, the company strictly applies all accepted European requirements for the treatment of birds. After fattening, the ducks are transported on special trucks for live goods to their facility for slaughter, cutting, and heat treatment.


Labelling is also done in the slaughterhouse so that the process is complete.

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